Thoughts From The Blind



Sitting in the blind this morning reminded me just how amazing life can be. I've been in a negative / angry mindset as of late and can't figure out why. It's been eating at me because I don't have the answers to what's bothering me or what triggered it. But today as I sat here and watch the darkness fade away and the sun rise over the horizon I was reminded that even at the darkest hour of the day, the light will soon come. That every night the darkness fades and the light shines through and I realized that my mindset about handling this problem was all wrong. I was focused on embracing the negative, the darkness and finding a way to work with it rather than allowing the light to shine through it. Today that all changes, every night turns to day and every day I have a choice to make the best of it. It's not dictated by any emotion inside of me because I'm in control, I get to make the choices to live that day to the fullest, or to be a slave to some buried emotion. Today is the day I regain control!!!!My challenge to those of you in the same rut is to do the same.

Stay Blessed and Be Safe Out There